The Family Photo Album, 2005

Assorted Pictures

Nina and Alan on Legoland's jungle ride Alan and Nina in Legoland's water park Alan playing soccer at Veronica's party With nothing better to do, they taped paper moustaches to their faces.
Shucks! Caught in the act Alan on slide
(Symantec picnic)
Nina with prizes
(Symantec picnic)
Alan's Kindergarten graduation
Alan's Spelling Award

Nikki is Born

April 11, 2005, 12:29 PM
3.85 Kg (8 lb 9 oz)
52 cm (20.5 in)

The Surgical Team Nikki's out! Cutting the Cord Maria meets Nikki
Nina watches Nikki, while Alan talks to Mommy. Sleeping in the basinette. Nikki in a lap Nikki sleeping

Nikki the Charmer

She's two months old.

Nikki smiling at Mommy
(2 months old)
Nikki thinking up some deviltry (2 months old) Nikki sleeping
(4 months old)

Tae Kwon Do Belt Test

June 15, 2005

Alan doing a low block Alan finishing up a punch to the target Nina: Roundhouse to the center of the target Alan's Roundhouse kick
Nina finishing her crunches Nina's Roundhouse in line Kindergarteners do situps with one arm on the floor Looking good Alan
So many variations of pushups Nina receives her yellow belt Alan receives his white belt

Brownies Go To Sea World San Diego

May 16, 2005: After many cookie sales, Brownie Troop 71 heads to Sea World San Diego. Two honorary Brownies, the younger siblings Alan and Isabella, tagged along. An even younger sibling, Nikki, also put in an appearance.

Waiting for the seal/sea lion show to begin. What, Mommy? Okay. I'm awake. Now what? Nina actually rode the Atlantis roller coaster
Alan tries out the steel drum They'll cross that bridge when they come to it One comes down, one goes up


July 14-18, 2005: We went up to Yosemite for our friends' wedding, and stuck around for a bit of hiking afterwards. We stayed in the Yosemite Bug Lodge and Hostel outside the park (very nice), had a bit of trouble with the Yosemite traffic in the valley, and, in general, had a great time.

Nina's rehearsal dinner hat Upper Yosemite Falls Nina, at Lower Yosemite Falls Evening sun on Half Dome
Nina in a bark hut On the Vernal Falls trail Yosemite Valley Deer in Mariposa Grove
At the General Sherman big tree Fallen giant Alan on the trail


October 2-7, 2005: We took a trip to Zion. We stayed the first night at the Driftwood Lodge (a family tradition), and camped the rest of the time in the South Campground (site 69). It was very nice, slightly chilly at night and warm but not sweltering during the day. The shuttlebus system sure beats the traffic jams of a decade ago! Nina managed to conquer her fear of heights enough to make it up to Canyon Overlook this time, and Alan was able to keep up even on the Echo Canyon hike. Maria's cold kept her from doing all the walks, but she recovered enough to see Echo Canyon with the family.

The campsite The view from the tents Ready! On the Pa'rus trail
Gateway to the Narrows Nikki came along too At Canyon Overlook Nikki in the tent
Weeping Rock Nina in Echo Canyon Echo Canyon walls Water-sculpted slot, Echo Canyon