The Family Photo Album, 2006

Assorted Pictures

Nikki in a new dress. Nikki wedged. Nikki, walking. (QuickTime movie) Nina, at the Girl Scouts' international day.
Alan the Cub Scout Nina, portraying Grace Hopper Nikki likes her Nutella Halloween

Bente's Birthday

Nikki watching it all. Too much wind! (QuickTime movie) Nina with hoverdisc. Nikki in the sand.
Nina helping Alan. Alan worrying that he lost his hoverdisc. Nikki on the sand. Proud hoverdisc flyer Nina.
Playing in the waves. (QuickTime movie) Alan getting wet. Nikki doesn't really like the waves.

Summer Reading Awards, Oct 17, 2006

Nina and Cherokee Alan

Sand Sledding

Every winter, the county puts up a sand berm to protect the houses in my parents' area from high water. It's high enough and steep enough that a snow saucer gives a nice ride.

Nina sledding Alan sledding Nikki sledding, with daddy
Alan in the sand Nikki holding the saucer

Winter Trip

We took a trip to Bryce Canyon between Christmas and New Year, staying at Ruby's Inn. It was the first time the kids had been in real snow (Nina and Alan had been in a brief snow flurry a few years back), and we had a great time.

Nikki in the snow Alan making a snow angel Maria and Nikki Ruby's Inn lobby
Bryce in snow Natural Bridge Cross-country skiing Their first snowman