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Other Photos

2003 Nina & Alan playing in Maine
2002   Nina, finished swimming
Alan at the door
2001 Nina and Alan in a bucket.
2000 Nina and Alan, playing in the yard.
1999 Alan, 5 days old.
1998 Nina in the pool.
Maria and Nina at Grandma Bente's.
Leif, Nina & Maria going to Great-Aunt Eva's 91st birthday.
1997 Nina, riding a basin.
1996 Nina, 2 days old.
1995 Honeymooning in Italy.
1994 Maria and Leif, just married.
1992 Maria, happy to be in Southern California.
Kodachrome Basin Trip
198? Leif, the Hollywood pose.
~1970 Maria in 5th grade
Leif in 5th grade.