A Traditional Japanese Game

You will need a browser that supports Java 1.1 to play this game.

The object of the game is to place five pieces of your color in a row.

Players alternate placing pieces. Once placed on the board, the piece is never moved or removed. The first player to get five pieces adjacent to each other in a line (diagonal, horizontal, or vertical) wins the game.

About the Applet

The applet is coded in Java and compiled with Sun 1.1.5 javac. It works properly using Sun's applet viewer, and in Microsoft Explorer 4.0. Netscape Communicator 4.04 does not appear to run it correctly, even with the Java 1.1.4 upgrade. The program can also be run as an application, although sound is not available in this case.

Currently, the applet is available in a hotseat (two human players using the same screen and mouse) version only. The architecture was designed to allow games with an AI player and games with two human players on separate machines, and at least one of these options should be available in the future.