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My First Tagger:
Get the Materials

Once I had a design in mind, it was time to get together the materials to build it. I ordered some things online, and visited local stores for others. I had the usual "whoops, forgot that" realizations, and had to order additional things after starting.

I first got the PVC pipe, the birch plywood, and the aluminum channel and bar that I was planning on making the casing out of. I also picked up a sheet of 1/8 inch black ABS plastic, planning to use it for the sensor bases and maybe for grip panels. The ABS turned out to be so easy to work with that I kept adding more and more of it to the casing as I went along.

As the parts began to arrive, I started trying to fit things into the design. There was a lot of fiddling, assembling, disassembling, test-fitting, and head-scratching most evenings. The other pages list some of the wrong turns and blind alleys I checked out, but there were too many to keep track of.



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