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Classpath Inspector

Classpath Inspector is a tool that inspects a classpath, reporting the class files encountered and whether any of them are duplicates or conflicting versions.

Classpath Inspector is distributed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.


Executable (cpcheck.jar). To use the executable, you will need to download this file and use it, either as an ant task or as a command-line application. The tool requires Java 1.5 or newer to run.

Source ( To use the source, you will need to have a working Ant installation (1.6.5 or newer), and will need to copy two additional binary distribution files to the bin subdirectory (created when you unpack the source). These two files are an Ant binary distribution (available from the Apache Ant project; version 1.6.5), and a CheckStyle binary distribution (available from the CheckStyle website; version 4.0 beta 6); newer versions will probably work but may require minor editing of the build file. Two additional files, junit.jar and jsch-0.1.20.jar, must be present in the Ant lib directory, and may be obtained from the cpcheck lib directory after unpacking the source. You will also need a Java Development Kit; the tool requires JDK 1.5 or newer to compile.

To build a fresh copy, unpack the source, obtain the tools mentioned in the previous paragraph, and invoke Ant with no arguments in the directory the source was unpacked into.


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