Howard's Coconut Cake

This started out as a sponge cake with a little bit of coconut-based topping. Leif's father liked the topping much better than the cake, so we modified it accordingly. It's very rich.

Cake Ingredients

less than ½ cupwhipping cream
½ cupsugar
½ cuppastry flour

Topping Ingredients

½ cupbutter (one stick)
½ cupwhipping cream
¾ cupbrown sugar
2 cupsshredded coconut


Cake: Break egg into measuring cup, fill cup to ½ cup mark with whipping cream. Beat well. Add sugar, beat; add flour, beat. Pour into 9"×9" or 7"×10" glass baking dish, bake at 350° for about 30 minutes.

Topping: Mix all ingredients, melt together. Spread over finished cake. Brown slightly under broiler.

Tastes even better after being refrigerated.