Leif Bennett
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I am an architect and programmer with extensive experience in high quality software, object-oriented methods, project leadership, and rapid reliable development. I am experienced with agile development, patterns, application security, UML and other notations, and some aspects of big data. My ideal company expects high-quality work on challenging projects.


Work Experience

April 2016-April 2017        Google        Venice, CA

Senior Software Engineer

As part of a team, design, implement, test,  administer, and maintain a system for capturing and analyzing human evaluation data, using Google’s internal big data and Java development environment.

Sept 2014-Mar 2016        Convertro (AOL/Verizon)        Playa Vista, CA

Principal Software Engineer

As part of a team, design, implement, test, and administer a dashboard for advertising attributation, accessing data processed through a Hadoop stack. Technologies used include Grails, Django, Groovy, Java, Python, AWS, Hadoop, JUnit and Mockito.


Sept 2013-Sept 2014        CounterTack, Inc        Santa Monica, CA

Senior Software Engineer

Built and extended a RESTful API server for security monitoring information, accessing data from an HBase datastore. Technologies used include Java, Python, Hadoop, HBase, Dropwizard, Jersey, Jackson, Impala, Solr, JUnit and Mockito.


April 2010-Sept 2013        Chrome River Technologies        Los Angeles, CA

Software Engineer, Team Lead

Lead a team building an expense and invoice accounting system targeted at large law and consulting firms, with a biweekly delivery schedule. Technologies used included Java, Hibernate, MySQL, SAML, CAS, JSON, Javascript, HTML5, JQuery, Flex, BlazeDS, Groovy, JBoss, Cajo, JSP, JUnit and Mockito, Parabuild, and Jenkins.

Dec 2005-March 2010        METASwarm Inc.        Pasadena, CA

Vice President of Product Development/Lead Software Engineer

Lead an effort to design and implement a communications analysis program for email and SMS message antispam, phishing prevention, and message validation. Duties included leading design and implementation of industrial-quality framework to handle petabyte datasets, overseeing localization efforts in China, and responsibility for development support.

May 2004-Dec 2005        Symantec Corporation        Santa Monica, CA

Senior Software Engineer

As part of a team, design, implement, and maintain a multiplatform Java security product management program using a component-based architecture. As the project’s Security Lead, I was responsible for researching and disseminating secure coding practices to the project team, eliminating security violations in code, and integrating verification tools. I advocated for test-first programming, and introduced continuous integration to the team, which had been failing to achieve a daily build.

Feb 2001-May 2004        freelance


Requirements gathering, analysis, design, implementation, testing, packaging, and business development for a multiplatform Swing-based art program targeted for early elementary-school children; requirements gathering, analysis, design, and implementation for a multiplayer simulation engine using Java RMI and activation, later migrated to JXTA; analysis, design, and implementation of an abstract state machine.

Oct 1998-Jan 2001        planetLingo Inc. (formerly EHQ Inc.)Pasadena, CA

Director of Technology

Led a team of programmers in producing a Java framework for speech enabled language training. Responsible for analysis, architecture, design, and implementation. The project used a dynamically loaded local and remote component architecture, similar to JINI. Technologies used include JSAPI, EJB, servlets, JAAS, JMF, XML. We placed special emphasis on automated collection and analysis of speech data.

Apr 1998-Oct 1998        freelance


Construction and design for enhancements to a 3-D virtual reality world building tool and engine.

July 1997-Apr 1998        Activision, Inc.        Santa Monica, CA


Developer on a multi-platform networking library, including various project utilities and a SOCKS-compliant driver; developer for a generic multiplayer game setup facility, including customizing the facility for the game Shanghai: Dynasty.

Feb 1997-July 1997        freelance


Analysis, design,and implementation of applets and server for an online casino (Java), minor improvements to a 3-D authoring tool.

Sept 1995-Feb 1997        Worlds, Inc.        San Francisco, CA


Developer on various internet-accessible multimedia 3-D virtual reality projects. Duties include technical leadership, technical analysis and design, programming in Java, C, and C++, and platform (Windows 95 and NT) support, covering aspects of physical effects, reality modelling, multiuser deconfliction, and user interface design.

July 1983 - Sept 1995        Xerox CorporationEl Segundo, CA

Senior Member of the Programming Staff

Led team that produced a 40,000 NCSL PDL translation library with a remarkably low defect rate. Inaugurated a review process and comprehensive unit tests. Programmed various printer software projects, a timekeeping system, and a microprocessor emulator control system. Languages used include C++, Mesa, C, 8086 and 8051 assembler, on Windows 3.x, DOS, AS/400, and 6085-family platforms.


California Institute of Technology 1979 - 1983
Pasadena, CA

Bachelor of Science in Applied Physics. Second area of concentration in Computer Science.

Extracurricular Activities


Design and implementation of various reality modeling systems, including abstract state machine experiments and tests of various component architectures. Extensive reading on the theory and practice of the discipline.


Blacksmithing, travel, armoring, simulation and strategy gaming, primitive technologies, camping.