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Mailing Address:

UCLA MANE Department
48-121 Engineering IV
Box 951597
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1597

Lab: Aerodynamic Laboratory 15-139 Engineering IV
Office: 44-121 W-02 Engineering IV
310-825-9540 Lab
310-206-9841 Office
310-206-4830 FAX

email: hanklin@seas.ucla.edu

Business is not too good. Since September 7, 1995, you are only visitor number to this homepage.

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Last updated September 7, 1995
Please send all comments and suggestions to hanklin@seas.ucla.edu

A brief history of my life and some pictures.

If you're interested, here is my résumé.

A picture of my experimental facility when it was moved to UCLA.

A listing of my publications.

Check out my research group's homepage at UCLA

Some Interesting Questions About Life

Are There Any Moral Absolutes in the World? Absolutely!!!

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