Larry Siegel

-- optical engineer

-- graduate student, Technology and Policy Program, M.I.T.

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Welcome to my website! Please feel free to click on the images listed below, where you can examine the details of some of the projects I have had the privilege of working on.

Although I have designed a wide range of optical systems, I have tried to select those designs where the projects have progressed all the way to the hardware phase. I have found that the most challenging (as well as rewarding) projects are those that are actually built... they force you, as the engineer, to prove that your designs perform well and can be fabricated (in other words, to "put your money where you mouth is"). I also have selected public-domain projects which illustrate my experience as a program manager, proposal author, and principal engineer. Your questions and comments on these projects are welcome.

Click here to view my resume (can also be downloaded in .PDF format)

National Ignition Facility (NIF) at LLNL

Near-IR Spectrometer for UCLA & Keck Telescope

Zooming IR Simulator at Edwards AFB, CA

MIT Media Lab Holographic recording lens

KHILS IR Simulator at Eglin AFB, FL

Conformal Optics and Diffractive Elements

AVLIS Laser Project at LLNL

Unobscured Three-Mirror Telescope (TMA)

Head-Mounted Displays

Night Vision Optics

LCD Projectors

Fingerprint Recognition System