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The Goat Locker - Harpoon Home Page
The Tankers' Homepage: Strategy/Simulation Gaming and Military History
Welcome to Strategic Simulations, Inc.
World at War Support Site
The Atomic Diner
Strategic Simulation Gaming Home Page
Games Domain - Games Games Games Games Games Game Game Game Game
Welcome to Computer Gaming World
The Avalon Hill Game Company Home Page
Games - Happy Puppy Games Onramp Home Page
Quantum Quality Productions
The Gamer's Ledge
Web-Grognards Home Page

Humor and Fun

G&S Operas
The Doctor Fun Page
Rodney Dangerfield
Dave Barry Page
Random Light Bulb Joke
The Capitol Steps
The Dilbert Zone
This is the Worst
David Letterman Top Ten Page
Toxic Custard Workshop Files
Humor Web
The Mother of All Humor Archives
Comedy Central Online
World Birthday Web (WBW)
Demented Lyrics
Firesign Theatre WWW Page
Contents of EFAlaFal
Lighting Barbeques with LOX in 3 secs.

Channels and Gateways

Discovery Channel Online
Sci-Fi Channel: The Dominion


NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Cassini: Voyage to Saturn
NASA Shuttle Web
Shuttle Launch Countdown Home Page
Cassini Program Internal Home Page
Employee Timekeeping Procedure Handbook
ICIS Home Page
OEL - Operations Engineering Laboratory
CEFCU Home Page
MGSO AMMOS Documentation Home Page
TC&DM Home Page
Mars Global Surveyor Home Page
Bryan Lambert's Home Page

Astronomy and Time

The Hubble Deep Field
AstroWeb: Astronomical Internet Resources
USNO Master Clock Time
The Astrophysical Journal
American Astronomical Society Home Page
APO Home Page
Comet C/1996 B2 (Hyakutake) Home Page
MWO Online Stargazer Map
StarHeads - Astronomers and Related People


The BLACKER the better! (main index page)
Caltech Alumni Web Server
Prof. W.A. Zajc
Dan Packman Personal Home Page
Joe Polchinski Home Page
Jim Weatherall's Home Page


Reasons To Believe -- Home Page
Christian Resources on the Internet (1 of 3)
Soc.religion.christian WWW home page
Touched By An Angel
DC Talk-Jesus Freaks


Welcome to Netscape
Switchboard: Find a Person
Real nice HTML backgrounds
How do they do that with HTML?
HTML Reference Manual
Web Developer's Virtual Library: Images_and_Icons
HTML Validation Service
System Optimization
InfoSeek Net Search
3D Webscapes pg. 3
RGB Hex Triplet Color Chart
The Internet Movie Database Tour


Major League Baseball Scoreboard
The ACME Dodger Page
Dodgers Menu
Gary's Los Angeles Dodgers Page
The Dodgerwatch Ticket Exchange
The Baseball Server
Los Angeles Dodgers Team Statistics
Baltimore Orioles Team Statistics
Yahoo Sports! National League Baseball
Yahoo Sports! American League Baseball
Los Angeles Times Baseball '96
Hard Ball 5 Home Page


The Right Side of the Web
Interactive Weather Browser
Yahoo: Weathernews
The Weather Channel Home Page
LA Freeway conditions
Computer Sciences Corporation Homepage
TV Bytes: WWW TV Themes Home Page : By Patrick G. Kenny
Simply BOB
Wonderful Web Women
Chessy's Home Page
The Basking Spot
awesome frozen mice from Southwest Rodents
Los Angeles Times Web Site
The Magic of Oz
List of Works by L. Frank Baum
The Geek Zone
The Page of DOUGs
The EON 4 Project
Britannica Online
PC Magazine: PC Magazine Online Events (01/23/96)
Steven Spielberg Presents Pinky & The Brain
Urban Legends Reference Pages