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Extremely cool background from the Hubble Deep Field (see below).

"You can call me Dr. Doug" Brought to you through the kind offices of the Caltech Alumni Association.

". . . vanity of vanities; all is vanity" -Ecclesiates 1:2 (KJV)

One does have to have a certain amount of vanity to make up one of these things. I've been studying home pages since I started writing this. Many fall into one of two categories: glorified electronic resumes, or electronic personal ads. This is meant to be neither.

This is intended to mostly be a professional homepage. I will tell you about some neat astronomical research I have been doing. And a few personal items.

I have recently returned to the LA area after a 22 year exile. For various reasons, I love LA.
Ok, here's a short bio if for some reason you really want to know more about me.
Three-dimensional backgrounds on your webpage? Yes, it's possible. Have a look here.
Hey, Dougs rule! I'm a Doug , don't you wish you were a Doug , too?
Who you calling a geek?
I've just been added to the Yahoo! index. Yahoo! was the first search engine I ever learned how to use, and I think it is still one of the best. Check it out: Yahoo!

The Hubble Deep Field

My Velocity Dispersion Catalog

Polar-Ring Galaxies

The best links I have found have been obtained by checking out other sites' Hot (or Cool) Links. In that spirit, here are some links I have found to be interesting.

More as I figure out how HTML works. And get time to work on it. Yeah, right.

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ULO V&V Systems Engineer/ Training Coordinator
Cassini Project
Jet Propulsion Lab
Pasadena, CA USA



Operations Astronomer / Project Scientist
SPST (Science Planning and Scheduling Team)
Space Telescope Science Institute
Baltimore, MD USA


Blacker House

"This sentence no verb"

I'm so lonely. This page has only been accessed times, since 23 April 1996, and mostly by me!