3-D Images and Backgrounds

I trust you've all seen those "Magic Eye" type 3-D images, where if you adjust your eyes right, three-dimensional images pop out at you. For about two years, I thought they were some kind of elaborate fraud, since I couldn't get them to work.

Finally, of course, I did get them to work. And naturally, I did what most people do at that point: find as many of them as I can to try and do them and see what the images are.

Just recently, I found to my bemusement that people had made some of these things up as webpage backgrounds. I tried them, and they actually work. Which is not surprising, since I hear that the whole Magic Eye concept originated on computer. But that may just be a rumor.

Anyway, the backgrounds are not as neat as you might think. Any text on the page "floats" over the background. And you can't easily focus on the text if you are viewing the "3-D" effect of the background. In short, it's less annoying than HTML Blink, but about as useful.

Before I show you an example, here are some tips on viewing if you are new to this game. When the image is up, put your nose on the screen. Then back your head up SLOWLY. Relax and try not to focus. If you move eyes back and forth slowly, you should begin to get a 3-D effect. And then it should become apparent. Or you need to put your nose back against the screen and start over again.

Or whatever works best for you. Anyhow, here's a nice 3-D star background to try.

If you liked that, or would like to see more, a guy named Larry Berlin has a page called "3-D Webscapes" which is where I got this, and he has lots more.

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