Grand Canyon and Petrified Forest

One lovely May, Delwin, Deanna, and I headed to Arizona for our canyon adventure.

Grand Canyon - Day 1 Grand Canyon - Day 2 Grand Canyon - Day 3 Petrified Forest

Petrified Forest

Petrified wood! Pretty amazing colors, each color a result of a element, I only remember now the obvious one, iron=red.

Claudine in a "logjam," as Deanna called it.

The beautiful blue mesa. They were formed from volcanic clay, which erodes easily, exposing the blue-violet layers. The erosion left lovely white and blue trails on the red earth beyond.
Blue Mesa. Eroded clay left behind rounded tan gravel upon the surface.

I imagined the sand "mushrooms" in the foreground as the ruins of a miniature civilization.

Painted desert. Only yourself, red and purple earth, and the horizon.