Sequoia - August 1998

Jim, Dan, Ryan, and I, tackled a loop in the southern part of Sequoia Nat'l Park and into Sequoia Nat'l Forest.

Our first stream crossing.
On our second day, after an initial brutal climb and a cool lakeside pause, we faced this tough sandy climb to the small notch in the ridge to the upper left.
Picture at the top of the pass, showing the pathless valley we would traverse towards a trail at the foothills of the far ridge.
In previous campsites, mosquitoes were a problem, but in the moist valley, they were swarming. Here you see a depiction of the three different ways to deal with it.
With some adventure, we eventually found the trail and are tredging up to the last ridge crossing of the trip.
Along the way, we were rewarded with this view of where we had been...
and this view, which is to the left of the previous image. Mt. Whitney is one of the distant peaks on the left.
A well deserved break at the top.