[me with a crewcut] Mark Jackson

This web project is the most self-indulgent, egotistical thing I have ever done in my life.
But the day is young. I can top it.  - Scott Adams

At right is my Caltech graduation picture, taken in the fall of 1968; I've had my hair cut by a paid professional exactly once since. A somewhat more recent photo is available, and the family photo is usually up-to-date.

I graduated in 1969; lived in Ruddock, majored in physics. I spent seven years at the University of Illinois - two of them as General Chairman of the Graduate Student Association - getting a PhD, and meeting and marrying Ellen Asprooth. I did postdocs for 15 months in France (CNRS Bellevue and the CEA facility at Saclay, both near Paris) and for close to three years in the Cornell Department of Materials Science and Engineering. In late 1980 a headhunter found me a job at Xerox in Webster, NY (near Rochester), where until April 2010 I was a principal scientist in the Xerox Research Center Webster.

Over the years I've worked on a number of things, including ionic conduction at high hydrostatic pressure; isotope effect for diffusion in metals and organic crystals (tin in the beta phase of titanium for my PhD); electromigration in metals; nonelastic deformation in solids and thin films; xerographic transfer, process controls, and system integration; color science; and image quality and system engineering. Often this has involved computers of one sort or another, starting with the IBM 7094 and running through an assortment of IBMs, SDS / XDS Sigmas, Data Generals, VAXen, Honeywells, Suns, and proprietary Xerox boxes (including the legendary Alto). My computational mother tongue is Fortran, although I've also done significant chunks of work in assorted versions of Basic (shudder), 7094 and Z80 assembler, Pascal, C, and Python, and noodled around a bit with Algol 60 and LISP. In 1983 I stumbled onto what was then the ARPAnet (initially as mjackson.wbst@parc-maxc - see the fourth message in this digest - though Webster and PARC are a continent apart); I'm still here.

Networking: I have a profile on LinkedIn, and a somewhat less formal Facebook page.



In July 1996 I created the original Web site of the First Unitarian Church of Rochester, NY, serving as web editor until July 2014. Thanks to the Wayback Machine here's the last snapshot of the site as I originally designed it, and after a professional redesign (and code rework by me to make it maintainable without Dreamweaver) not long before I stepped down.

For some years I maintained the periodic Frequently Answered Questions (FAQ) posting for the newsgroup rec.autos.sport.f1.moderated. That group has become moribund; the last issue of the FAQ can be found online.

For some years I maintained the periodic FAQ posting for the newsgroup rec.arts.comics.strips. Although that group remains active the FAQ is no longer maintained; the last issue (circa May 2014) can be found online.

Early in 2000 I developed patches to correct Y2K problems in the free Unix newsreader XVNews and took over responsibility for the program. The last upgrade was released in May 2002; see the details on my XVNews page. I also wrote patches to correct the Y2K problems in the free Unix to-do list manager, XVTDL.

20 Netherton Road
Rochester NY 14609
(585) 482-3064 (home)
(585) 259-2423 (cell)

September 28 2017