I've been a fan of Formula One auto racing since 1962, after encountering Road & Track magazine, Robert Daley's Cars at Speed, and Avalon Hill's "Le Mans" board game. News of that kind of racing was hard to come by in Southern California back then; I would phone the sports desk of the Los Angeles Times late on Sunday afternoon and badger them to read the first few finishers.

I attended the US Grand Prix at Watkins Glen several times from 1969 through 1975, driving out and back overnight from Illinois for a short weekend, and again in 1978 - 80 while living in Ithaca and Rochester. I haven't been to a Grand Prix since - Montréal isn't that far, but it just hasn't happened - but I continue to follow the sport closely (thank you, NBC SportsNet). I was a moderator of, and maintained the periodic Frequently Answered Questions (FAQ) posting for, the now-moribund newsgroup rec.autos.sport.f1.moderated; the final copy of the FAQ can be found online.

Seventy-three years of Grand Prix history: my collection of 1/43 scale Grand Prix cars, from Tazio Nuvolari's German GP-winning Alfa Romeo P3 (1935) to the McLaren MP4/22-Mercedes in which Lewis Hamilton drove to his first win - Canada 2007 (full-size image):

Back row, left to right       Middle row, left to right       Front row, left to right
Car Event Driver Car Event Driver Car Event Driver
1 Alfa Romeo P3 Germany 1935 Tazio Nuvolari 1 Vanwall F1 Italy 1958 Stirling Moss 1 Ferrari 312T Monaco 1975 Niki Lauda
2 Auto Union C-Type Switzerland 1936 Bernd Rosemeyer 2 Cooper T51-Climax Monaco 1959 Jack Brabham 2 Lotus 72E-Ford Belgium 1975 Jacky Ickx
3 Auto Union D-Type Donington (GB) 1938 Tazio Nuvolari 3 Ferrari 156/F1 Monaco 1961 Phil Hill 3 Tyrrell P34-Ford Sweden 1976 Jody Scheckter
4 Mercedes Benz W154 M163 Germany 1939 Rudolf Caracciola 4 BRM P57 Netherlands 1962 Graham Hill 4 Wolf WR1-Ford Japan 1977 Jody Scheckter
5 Ferrari 375 Great Britain 1951 José Froilán González 5 Porsche 804 France 1962 Dan Gurney 5 Brabham BT46B-Alfa Romeo Sweden 1978 John Watson
6 Alfa Romeo 159 Spain 1951 Giuseppe Farina 6 Lotus 25 Belgium 1963 Jim Clark 6 Ferrari 126C4 Belgium 1984 Michele Alboreto
7 Ferrari 500 F2 1952 7 Lotus 49 Netherlands 1967 Jim Clark 7 McLaren MP4/4-Honda Japan 1988 Ayrton Senna
8 Mercedes Benz W196 France 1954 Juan Manuel Fangio 8 Ferrari 312 France 1968 Jacky Ickx 8 Williams FW14-Renault Great Britain 1991 Nigel Mansell (Ayrton Senna riding)
9 Ferrari 553 Squalo Spain 1954 Mike Hawthorn 9 Ferrari 312 March 1969 Modena test Chris Amon 9 Williams FW26-BMW Australia 2004 Juan Pablo Montoya
10 Lancia D50 Monaco 1955 Alberto Ascari 10 Ferrari 312B Italy 1970 Clay Regazzoni 10 Renault R26 Great Britain 2006 Fernando Alonso
11 Maserati 250F Germany 1957 Juan Manuel Fangio 11 March 711-Ford South Africa 1971 Ronnie Peterson 11 McLaren MP4/22-Mercedes Canada 2007 Lewis Hamilton

March 7 2017