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Some Assembly Required

Warning much of this site is about seventeen years old

At least the contact info is up to date

OK, I was at campus late one nite, and said to myself: "Self, your not leaving here untill you got at least a lame excuse of a home page done." So here it is! I'm sure it will only get better as time passes.

News flash! TIME PASSES!

Who am I?

When I was at Caltech, I smashed atoms. Well, actually I smahed the bits and pieces you get after you smash the atoms. Now I am a software engineer. Read all about it (my resumé). Of course all work and no play, yada yada yada, so I try to have a good time doing non-nerd stuff, but hacking is such great fun...

Does this answer the question Who am I? No. I am not my web page, he says in a fit of existential disquietude.

You can finger me on the alumni computer. As if!

Where am I?

Contact Info

Why am I?

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What am I'm up to nowadays?

Trying Java at rampt.com, a broadband search engine. Sorta like Yahoo for cable modems. By the way, Java sucks, man!
Squeaking at Disney Online is still an interest even though I'm not there, anymore.
Joe Solo's page

Smalltalk-80 development tools. Computer graphics. Extreme OOP.

Swing Dancing, roller skating, juggling, guitar, harmonica, cats, snowboarding, biking, blintzes

OK. I know that half of the above links are broken. I'm on it. If someone out there actually looked at my page, I'd probably have fixed it by now.

When am I?

I was born on 15 Oct 1963. Do the math.
Caltech Alumni Home page
This is a picture of me (on the left), and my brother Joe.