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Dan Muresan


I graduated from the Bucharest Computer Science High School. I was a Computer Science major at the Bucharest "Politehnica" University for a year, after which I transferred to the California Institute of Technology (Caltech).

At Caltech I was a Physics major for one brief year, after which I became an Engineering and Applied Science major. I focused on telecommunications (signal processing, information theory / data compression, coding theory, wireless communications, wavelets) but I also did quite a bit of computer science (compiler implementation, machine learning), economics (corporate finance, investment theory, decision theory) and Physics (quantum computing). I did research in image compression (with Michelle Effros) and turbo codes (with John McEliece). I graduated (BS with honors) and went to graduate school at Stanford University.

At Stanford I got a Master's degree in Electrical Engineering with a telecommunications specialization. My main area of interest was in quantization: together with Michelle Effros, I invented an optimal scalar quantizer design algorithm ("Quantization as Histogram Segmentation", please see my publications page). This invention is covered by U.S. Patent no. 6771831. I also studied computational linguistics (linguistics has been one of my long standing interests).

Afterwards I was an R&D engineer with Topex Public Switching, working on VoIP technology and embedded systems.

My resume is available in HTML and ASCII format.

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