Ant front-end


This is a minimalistic Ant front-end. Ant is a platform-independent build tool.

The Swing GUI consists of a grid of buttons, one for each target of the current buildfile. It's very lightweight (the entire distribution fits in 4 kilobytes). Using AntFrontEnd is a lot faster than running Ant over and over again from the command-line, because Ant and the JVM remain resident once the GUI shows up. Obviously, AntFrontEnd is no match for an IDE with ant integration, but if you are developping over an SSH connection, you will come to appreciate it.

Finally, you might ask: why yet another Ant front end ? I actually couldn't get a decent stand-alone front-end to run (I tried Antelope, which didn't seem to do anything, and AntRunner, which might have been stand-alone initially, but later became dependent on JBuilder, as far as I can tell). After about an hour of frustration, I resolved to write my own front-end and learn the Ant API in the process.

Both the AntFrontEnd source and the AntFrontEnd binary are available. AntFrontEnd is Copyright 2005 Dan A. Muresan and licensed under the Apache License, version 2.0.

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