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This is a random and incomplete sampling of my past work. It does not include work I have done as an employee (have a look at my resume for that.)

CPSCM, a Scheme compiler

CPSCM is a simple Scheme compiler based on CPS conversion and trampolines. It currently has a Common Lisp and a Javascript backend. CPSCM can be used online from the demo page. It supports continuations.

Real-time wave-to-MIDI

Sintvert is a wave-to-MIDI pitch detector for known waveforms. After training on a recording of the chromatic scale from an electronic keyboard, it then transcribes in real time PCM input from that keyboard to MIDI events (which can then be sent on to a soft-synth). Sintvert runs under the Jack audio connection kit.

Distributed-programming framework for Scheme

DPFW is a light-weight framework for distributed computing in Chicken Scheme. It networks several processes, living on possibly different nodes, over TCP.

Browser-based diagram creator and vector graphics editor

This online editor can export either SVG or image files (JPG, PNG or GIF). Unlike other editors, it's all Javascipt, no Flash, and works in all browsers (Opera and Safari included).

Word Strands, an online word game

An AJAX version of a classic word game. Find as many words on a 5x5 board as possible in 3 minutes. Longer words score higher. Valid words are highlighted on the board as you type them, and at the end of each game you can review the solution key.

BurryFS, a Digg file system

BurryFS is a Chicken Scheme program that organises content from the popular social news site as a file system. BurryFS relies on the Digg API and Fuse.

3D CAD programmable in Scheme

Scheme Cad currently supports wire-frame models, which can be animated for better viewing. You get the full power of Scheme to transform the model or create your own data-entry primitives.

The FifoEmbed library

This thread-safe basic queue, packet queue, and FIFO allocator was featured in the C/C++ User's Journal.

LUFS-based unionfs for Linux

A union file system allows the user to combine a read-only base directory and a writable overlay under a new read/write view. BSD's unionfs was the original.

Portable implementation of the SCSH regexp API

Olin Shiver's SRE is the "100% solution" for working with regular expressions in Scheme. Unfortunately, it was only implemented in SCSH, while other Schemes had a mish-mash of "80% solutions" or worse. The scsh-regexp package aims to remedy that.

Electrostatic fields of point charges

ESFields is a program for entering 2D charge configurations and viewing electrostatic field lines and equipotentials with the ease of mouse clicks (or you can input coordinates). Also includes a paper explaining the aspect of the field. Nice pictures!

Ant front-end

This is a very simple, very small, but very effective Ant front-end, recommended for people working over a network connection or on a slow machine.

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