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Dan A. Muresan

E-mail muresan at
Phone (888) 343-3164 (US and Canada toll-free); +40-74-206-4774 (mobile)
Address P.O. Box 2-95. Bucharest, Romania
Languages English, French, Romanian
Born 1976
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1999 2002

Stanford University

Master of Science in Electrical Engineering (Telecommunications).

Selected coursework: Digital Communications, Wireless Design, Data Networks, Adaptive Filtering, Neural Networks, Nonlinear and Hybrid Systems, Convex Optimization, Database System Implementation, Syntax, Semantics

Research: invented a globally optimal scalar quantizer design method (co-authored with Michelle Effros). Obtained U.S. Patent no. 6771831

Stanford, California
1996 1999

California Institute of Technology (Caltech)

Bachelor of Science with Honors in Engineering and Applied Science.

Selected coursework: Information Theory, Coding Theory, Signal Processing, Machine Learning, Cryptography, Computer Graphics, Corporate Finance, Investment Theory, Economic Decision Theory

Research: image compression using wavelet packets in a rate-distortion framework (with Michelle Effros), error-correcting codes (with Jon McEliece).

Teaching: Teaching Assistant in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering departments.

Pasadena, California



FLWOR Foundation

Developed first version of Zorba, a streaming XQuery engine written in C++, as part of an international team. Focused on query compiler, optimizer and parts of the runtime system. XQuery is an XML query language designed to be applicable across a broad class of XML data sources.
Bucharest, Romania
Zürich, Switzerland
Palo Alto, California
2006 2006

Freescale Semiconductor

  • Joined Freescale Semiconductor (formerly a Motorola Company) in May 2006 to work on voice and video-over-IP embedded systems
  • Created a scripting system for the application framework test/demo front-end. The system generates wrappers for the framework API automatically from C header files, then integrates these wrappers in a high-level scripting language (Tcl or Guile). Any API changes are automatically propagated to the scripting facility.
Bucharest, Romania
2002 2006

Topex Public Switching.

  • Project manager for E1 to VoIP gateway. The product scales to hundreds of simultaneous voice channels and integrates open-source and proprietary software on a proprietary hardware platform.
  • Implemented the SIP interface for Topex VoIP gateways
  • Implemented the IP communication protocol between the 112 Romanian emergency telecommunications system and Topex radio gateways
  • Contributed to the NIST JAIN SIP open source project (a Java SIP stack specified by JSR 32 and implemented by a team from the US National Institute for Standards and Technology)
  • Created FifoEmbed, a lock-free queue, packet queue and FIFO allocator library for single-producer, single-consumer multithreaded system
  • Developed an 8-channel RTP mixer / mini-PBX. Developed a lossless audio compression scheme.
  • Implemented a DSP-based audio echo canceller for a custom communications system.
  • Wrote database software to manage synchronization of cell phone number portability databases in Topex gateways with external source
  • Developed a POSIX Threads compatibility layer for Analog Devices' VDK kernel.
Bucharest, Romania
2005 present (part-time)

  • Designed and implemented CPSCM, a Scheme compiler with Javascript and Common Lisp back-ends; the compiler is based on CPS conversion and trampolining and supports most of R5RS, including syntax-rules macros, call/cc continuations, dynamic-wind and tail-call optimization. CPSCM is now an open-source project and includes an online compiler page.
  • Released DPFW, a light-weight distributed programming framework for Scheme. It takes advantage of Chicken Scheme's cooperative (user-level) threads to parallelize computations in an arbitrary number of processes, possibly living on different nodes.
  • Contributed to SISCweb, a Scheme continuation-based web application server which "inverts back the inversion of control" implicit in webapp programming. Created a database-specific DSL (a set of Lisp macros) that eliminates tedious repetition from webapp database setup, query and update.
  • Created several web applications based on SISCweb, e.g., a web-based diagram creator and vector graphics editor implemented in pure DHTML (not Flash); Word Strands, a multi-lingual online AJAX word game; Folk Grid, a social networking engine
  • Created a yellow-pages web application for Bucharest featuring proximity search around a given street address.
  • Developed SchemeCad, a 3D CAD tool programmable in Scheme (currently supports wireframe models and features animation). The front-end uses OpenGL and GLUT.
  • Wrote sintvert, a real-time wave-to-MIDI pitch detector for known waveforms, and file2jack, a Jack transport-synced command-line sequencer for audio files capable of simulating a periodic timeline (yielding gapless loop playback). Contributed to several open-source audio / music applications (see my Ohloh profile).
  • Wrote a DJVu segmentation algorithm for gray-level images optimized for separating text from graphics. By enabling DjVu to apply JB2 compression for text and wavelet compression for graphics, this preprocessor yields better size / distortion compression trade-offs for scanned-document images.
2004 2005 (part-time)

  • Created, an independent software vendor and member of the Analog Devices DSP Collaborative.
  • Developed and marketed ASM Scope, a commercial static code analysis and program understanding tool for Analog Devices assembly language.
2001 2002

Multidigit, Inc.

  • Developed first machine vision-based prototype of a novel user interface allowing differentiated finger input. Wrote C++ and Matlab computer vision software, developed algorithms.
Palo Alto, California
1992 1992

Electromontaj S.A

  • Developed transmission line tower design software, automating a process previously involving long pen-and-paper calculations.
Bucharest, Romania


  • Quantization as Histogram Segmentation: Optimal Scalar Quantizer Design in Network Systems (Dan Muresan, Michelle Effros)
IEEE Transactions on Information Theory (vol. 54, issue 1)
  • Quantization as Histogram Segmentation: Globally Optimal Scalar Quantizer Design in Network Systems (Dan Muresan, Michelle Effros)
  • Codecell contiguity in Optimal Fixed-Rate and Entropy-Constrained Network Scalar Quantizers(M. Effros, D. Muresan)
Data Compression Conference (DCC), Snowbird, Utah
10/2004 The FifoEmbed library (now available as a Sourceforge project). C/C++ Users Journal

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