After Law School

I carried on a proprietorship law practice in Seattle over the period 1976-90. Dana and Anna grew up healthy and beautiful (and, of course, intelligent). Margie and I pulled apart in 1979. She got the Mercer Island place, and the north end of Seattle was home to me from that time on. 1979 was also the year that I got the Private Pilot Certificate. Flying has always given me a lot of pleasure, and a strong sense of well-being. Sometimes it has even been useful. There is just about no opportunity for private aviation in Taiwan, and that is something that I miss here.

In the mid-80's I took a time-out from the law work to do some teaching again. I taught numerical analysis, assembly language programming, and some computer system topics in a Seattle Community College program for scientific programming specialists. The student population in Seattle was largely Asian at that time, and some of the Asian students were marvelously bright and very diligent. My experience with the students from China and Taiwan particularly lit up my old interest in linguistic psychology. In 1987 I began on a study of Chinese language and linguistics.