After Medicine Man

In 1988 I continued the law work, and maintained the Chinese study as time allowed. Over the period 1988-90, the work was mainly in one very intense contest between my client, a retail pharmacy corporation, and the Washington State Board of Pharmacy. That litigation was concluded in 1990 with a very good result for my client, Medicine Man, Inc. It had been an exhausting fight, and I decided when it was done that I could take some time to feed my growing interest in Chinese language and culture. I decided to spend 1991 in Taiwan.

Taiwan was very good to me, and the intended one-year sojourn stretched until it covered most of four years. For the last year of that time, I took up work as a technical writer in one of the computer products firms in Hsinchu's Science-Based Industrial Park. In 1994 I went to mainland China and attended the Indiana University School of Law China Law Summer Program at Shanghai. 1994 was also the year that I met Mei-Ling. In 1995 I reconnected with friends and family in the US, and attended a summer session on Teaching Elementary Chinese, at Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

At the time of the Chinese New Year in February of 1996, I returned to Taiwan. I live in Hsinchu (about an hour southwest from Taipei). I continue to work on the language every day. Throughout this sojourn I have worked as a technical writer in in Hsinchu's Science-Based Industrial Park. Chinese is used for most of the everyday communications on the job, but the documents I write and edit are in English.

I began work on the Learners Companion to Chinese Language in April, 1998.