Perilously close to four decades since Caltech:

The '60s Moved from southern California to Seattle with then-wife Margie and baby daughter Dana. Worked in aerospace research at Boeing, and taught engineering at the University of Washington. Took up cross- country skiing and kayak touring. Got seriously fit rowing as a substitute in U of W freshman crew turnouts. Baby Anna joined the family.
The '70s Bought and personally rebuilt the almost-waterfront Mercer Island place that was the family home through the '70s. Launched the University of Washington's Center for Social Science Computation and Research and served as Director through its first three years of operation. Went through the U of W School of Law and started up my law practice. Took up bicycle touring and lightcraft flying.
The '80s Split up with Margie and made my new home in Seattle's Fremont district. Added aerobics classes to the physical fitness program. Specialized the law practice in civil litigation. Revisited academe for two years as a scientific programming instructor. Contact with Asian students lit up my long-time interest in linguistic psychology, and I began on a study of Chinese language and linguistics. Finished the '80s with two more years of law work (the Medicine Man cases).
The '90s Living in Hsinchu, Taiwan, for continued Chinese language study with immersion. Sometimes working as a technical writer in Taiwan's computer products industry. Joining up with Mei-Ling every chance I get, and becoming a pretty good Chinese cook. Keeping fit by bicycle commuting and touring in Taiwan's abundant and beautiful hills.

Thus did I overcome the burdens of a seriously Victorian upbringing, and learn that life is a cross-country adventure.