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Studying in American Graduate School


What's NEW?

08/25/2003 - I have finally updated collection of personal statements, so new statements from 2002/2003 are now available :-))


What's it all about?

During the past eight years I have been either thinking about studying in US, applying to graduate schools, or attending graduate school in US, so in one way or another I was constantly involved in either my application process, my friend's application process or somebody else's application process (it is hard to believe in that even for myself :-). Well, the major reason is definitely that I am an alumna of FOPF and another reason is that it is very hard to choose something that you will enjoy doing for the rest of your life. You can read more about my experiences over all these years in My Experience.

There are two major reasons why I decided to create this Guide. First, I feel that I need to share the knowledge I have accumulated during the past years. Second, people constantly ask me the same questions over and over, and I think it will be useful to collect the answer to these questions in one place.

I am also trying to add some feedback and advice from students currently studying in US. This project is under construction, you will find this information in Students in US as soon as it is ready.


Please explore the links on the left. I hope you will find the information I presented there useful. I am always happy to receive your comments, suggestions or questions.