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Dos and Don'ts
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Step-by-Step Guide

Welcome to the Step-by-Step Guide to Entering American Graduate School!

This is the guide for those who are seriously considering studying in US Graduate Schools.

The purpose of this guide is to lead you throughout the whole application process and provide you specific information about each step.  To get started please go to the Timetable to get the picture of the whole process and to understand the duration of each step.

If you are interested in some particular part of the application process, please explore the links on the left. One of the most interesting features of this guide is a big collections of actual Statements of Purpose.

The information presented here has been carefully selected and extensively used in practice by myself, my friends and acquaintances. I will try to keep this guide constantly updated so If you feel that some information is missing feel free to contact me with your questions and suggestions and I will do my best to add that information.