Letter of Recommendation for  MIPT Alumnus (01/1996)
The Physics Student admitted to Rochester University, Rice University, etc.

Dr. Petrov P. P.
Head of the Department of Molecular Photoelectronics,
The Institute of Physics of
National Ukrainian Academy of Sciences.


I have known Ivan Ivanov since 1992, when he started his studies at our Institute. Ivan was interested in Liquid Crystals (LC) and various optical phenomena, which occur in them. I was rather surprised to see such a zeal for knowledge , because Ivan was only 16 then. Later I have  realized that Ivan was quite unordinary person and , therefore , he needed unordinary approach. That is why , in spite of his youth, I advised him to join a small research group at our department.

Ivan easily communicated with his older colleagues and this helped him to start working in the group. Despite the lack of knowledge and the experience in physics of LC, Ivan has displayed a lot of persistence and in a short time has become well informed in this field of physics. Among various types of research at our department Ivan has chosen the investigation of zigzag-disclination in LC. Along with our graduate student XX, Ivan investigated the behavior of zigzag-disclination under the effect of the AC electric field.

While working at the Institute of Physics Ivan has greatly improved his English. It is necessary for researcher to read well and to express his thoughts clearly in English. I think Ivan gained those skills while carrying out his research on crystal. He also had to read some articles in "Phys.Rev. Letters." and "Mol.Cryst. and LC" and to get acquainted with several types of modern optical and electronic equipment. X and Ivan often used computer in their research and even managed to create the electronic device, producing the electric signal needed. Some results of their joint work have been submitted for publication.

Ivan has shown very promising abilities in experimental physics and I am confident that practical skills, which he acquired at our Institute, will help him in his future career.
I enthusiastically recommend Mr. Ivanov for graduate study at your University.

Petrov P.P.

The Institute of Physics of National
Ukrainian Academy of Sciences
Prospect Nauki , 55
555555 Kiev, Ukraine
Fax. (044) 555-5555
Tel. (044) 555-5555

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