Letter of Recommendation for  MIPT Alumnus (01/1995)
The Physics Student admitted to Rice University

 Letter of Recommendation.

Name of applicant : Ivan I. Ivanov
Name of evaluator : Prof. Petr Petrovich Petrov

Ivan Ivanov is a second year student at Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT). I have known him for a year and a half. I teach General Physics course at MIPT and he attended my seminars during 1991/92 academic year. Our contacts were not confined to meetings during these classes. We often met in my apartment to discuss his difficulties, his studies and his future plans. We have become true friends, and I hope that advice which I have given him will be useful in fulfilling his career objectives.

Knowing Ivan well, I can tell you some words about his outstanding abilities in Physics. He revealed them very early. Ivan has won the USSR Physics Olympiad many times. He is the winner of the the XXII and XXIII International Physics Olympiads (he got the gold medal in 1991 and the silver one in 1992). Being in the first year of his studies at MIPT, Ivan took part in the MIPT Physics Olympiad ranking the 4th among all undergraduates of our institute. On this basis he, along with the several seniors of MIPT , was allowed to attend Elementary Particle Physics courses given at the Institute for High Energy Physics-Serpukhov. During our joint discussions of various problems in physics Ivan demonstrated very good knowledge of general physics, theoretical physics and mathematics. Considering his progress made in MIPT I can say with no doubt that Ivan has a talent for physics.

Besides his evident talent there is another feature of Mr. Ivanov  that is very important for understanding what a person he is. This feature is perseverance. Let me give you an example. When Ivan was admitted to MIPT his knowledge of English was that of an average Russian freshman. That means he could hardly read and speak. In the fall of 1992 year he firmly decided to continue his education in the USA. Now he reads a large number of original books (he especially likes Wolfe, Fitzgerald and Doctorow), listens to BBC and CNN without any difficulties and speaks English quite fluently. If you take into consideration that during this year he has been studying at MIPT you will understand that Ivan has worked very hard. I think that his achievements in physics should be attributed not only to his aptitude but also to his persistence and ambition.

I evaluate Ivan Ivanov among the top 2% of my students and highly recommend him for the graduate study at Princeton University.

Dr. Petr P. Petrov,
Associate Professor of Physics,
MIPT, Institutsky p.9,

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