Letter of Recommendation for  MIPT Alumnus (01/1993)
The Physics Student

I am glad to give my recommendation to Ivan Ivanov. He attended my lectures on quantum mechanics in the course of theoretical physics and we also discussed the same matter in a small class. I think I got to know him well and I hope that my opinion of Ivan could help him in entering California Institute of Technology graduate school.

I know Ivan as an able and promising student. He has got excellent knowledge of general physics, and solid preparation in mathematics as well. In my opinion, that helped and will help him to achieve success in advanced theoretical physics courses. Unfortunately, I cannot judge his experimental ability but he did very well in my theoretical course. Ivan has very high standing even at the Department of General and Applied Physics, the best one of MPTI. However, he does not feel content with the past accomplishments, does not stop working thoroughly and maintains his position as one of the strongest students of his year.

What perhaps is even more important than his preparation is Ivan's permanent interest in science. He is interested in high energy physics. From his enthusiastic approach to my subject I see that he enjoys quantum mechanics as well. Ivan is apparently planning to make a career in science, and this purposefulness is his very valuable quality. In my opinion, his even temper, discretion and friendliness will assist him in all his undertakings. Maybe, his being dissatisfied with himself sometimes grows into lack of self-confidence and hinders Ivan, but this is not an obstacle sufficient to inhibit his development.

Taking all the above into consideration, I would like to give Ivan Ivanov  my wholehearted support.

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