Letter of Recommendation for  MIPT Alumnus (01/1995)
The Physics Student admitted to Harvard University

Ivan Ivanov has been studying at the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology , Department of General and Applied Physics (DGAP) for almost 2.5 years. During this period he has been attending my seminars in General Physics thus I can say with no doubts that I know him well.

Ivan's outstanding abilities in physics were revealed very early. He has won the first diploma in the All-Russian schoolboy Olympiad in Physics three times, first diploma in the USSR schoolboy Olympiad in physics two times and he was the winner (first diploma) of the XXI International Physics Olympiad in 1991 (Havana , Cuba).Now he is third year student and he is definitely one of several best students in our Department.

From the very beginning of his study in MPTI Ivan demonstrated very good knowledge of General and Theoretical Physics as well as of mathematics. For 2.5 years he has taken a lot of courses ,and his level of knowledge rose significantly. Considering our collaboration on seminars I should stress such features as inventiveness in work and independence in thought. It is clear to me that Ivan is very persistent in achieving his aim, and he usually studies with such enthusiasm and energy that it is no wonder to me that for 2.5 years he has had only excellent marks and that during first year of his study he won the first prize in the MPTI students Olympiad in physics which was administered for the first-year students. I should stress that on that Olympiad he was the only person of all participants who solved the most difficult problem #7 and also he was the only person of all DGAP students who solved problem #2 on Electricity & Magnetism exam last year.

Ivan possesses a remarkable ability to grasp new ideas quickly as well as put them into plain words, which greatly contribute to our seminars. He can easily express himself orally and in writing. Among Ivan's drawbacks I can name some irregularity of his studies: sometimes he pays too much attention to particular topics of the subject (learning much more than required) while leaving some parts of the program intact until last week before the exam. I would like to mention that Ivan is very polite and outgoing young man. I think he could be a leader in the group.

I can say with no doubts that Ivan Ivanov is a truly exceptional person, one of my best students ( top 5% ) and strongly recommend him for the study at your Institution.

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