Letter of Recommendation for  MIPT Alumnus (01/1995)
The Physics Student admitted to Harvard University

Ivan Ivanov is third-year student at Moscow institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT). I have known him for more than two years. I am an assistant professor at MIPT and he has attended my seminars throughout 1991-92 and 1992-93. So I feel quite capable of evaluating his physics abilities as well as comparing him with other MIPT students.

Ivan Ivanov demonstrated his aptitude for physics rather early. He has won the USSR Physics schoolboy Olympiad many times. Ivan is the winner ( gold medal ) of the XXII International Physics Olympiad (1991, Havana, Cuba). He also has won the first prize in the MIPT student Physics Olympiad in the first year of his study at MIPT. For the years of his study at MIPT he followed some additional courses in his major field of study (physics) (i.e.. Physics of Crystals ) and also in some related fields. I think these courses will be very useful for him. It is worth to mention that Ivan studies hard, he has only excellent marks,  "fives" in Russian system. During our joint discussions on various problems in physics he showed good knowledge of general physics, theoretical physics and mathematics. He possesses a remarkable ability of grasping new ideas quickly and putting them into plain words.

As far as I now Ivan's knowledge of English was that of an average Russian first-year student when he was admitted to MIPT in 1991, i.e. he could hardly read and speak. Now he reads original English books and speaks English quite fluently. Knowing MIPT for many years I may consider that as further indication that Ivan has indeed worked very hard. I think that his achievements in physics should be attributed not only to his aptitude but also to his perseverance and ambitions. Unfortunately, sometimes I find him a little bit stubborn and unwilling to change his mind, but this can be easily attributed to quite common youth extremism.

I evaluate Ivan Ivanov as one of my best students ( top 5% of the whole of about 200 students this year ). Considering Ivan's abilities , I am confident he can study successfully at the graduate level.  I strongly recommend Ivan Ivanov for the graduate study in Physics at the University of Chicago.

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