Letter of Recommendation for  MIPT Alumnus (01/1992)
The Physics Student admitted to Harvard University

Evaluation for admission.

Applicant's name Ivan Ivanovich Ivanov

The MPTI's students acquire grounds of physics and mathematics at Alma Mater for 2.5-3 years. Then they continue training at Research Institutes where they participate in practical work of Laboratories and specialize in some particular area of modern Physics. Kurchatov Institute for Atomic Energy is a place where some students have a practical work in experimental and theoretical physics.

Student Ivan Ivanov is working at Low Temperature Physics Lab one day a week during 6 month. This is adaptation period when one becomes to be acquainted with experimental work and equipment. The circle of problems at the Lab is relatively wide:
-muon research of quantum crystals and liquids;
-electron kinetics and thermodynamics of HTS in strong
magnetic fields (up to 25 T) and low temperatures (down to
20 mK);
-pysical phenomena at helium crystallization.

Mr.Ivanov was proposed to take part in the investigation of dielectric constant of the La2CuO4 single crystal in the vicinity of metamagnet transition where conductivity doubles. Is there a change of it at metamagnet transition or not? It is very important to know from the theoretical point of view.

I believe that by spring 1992 Ivan Ivanov will have interesting results for publication, his good grounding permits me to think so.

Dr. P. Petrov
Head of LTPL
Tel. (095)555-5555
Fax. (095)555-5555
E-mail xx@xx.xx

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