Letter of Recommendation for  MIPT Alumnus (01/1993)
The Physics Student admitted to MIT

Dr. Ivan Ivanov
Head of Laser Spectroscopy Group
Low Temperature Plasma Optics Department
P.N.Lebedev Physics Institute of RAS
Moscow 117924 Russia
Tel: (095) 555-5555

November 30,1992.


I have known Ivan for almost a year and a half. Our Institute (P.N.Lebedev Physics Institute) has close links with Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT). Not having our own students we arrange a broad range of lectures for MIPT students and invite them to participate in modern scientific researches carried out at our Institute.

Ivan Ivanov is one of such students. In September 1991 he was enrolled as a research assistant in scientific staff of Diode-Laser Spectroscopy Laboratory headed by me and chose me as his advisor. Since that time I have had an opportunity to observe Ivan approximately twenty hours per week. I often discuss some scientific problems with him as well as received results. I advise him which books and articles to read and explain arising abstruse questions. Due to good all-round education received at MIPT it wasn't very difficult for Ivan to study a rather big volume of literature concerning the topic of our work. He has also learned in short time how to handle with all existing in the laboratory equipment, that means operating with liquid He, vacuum systems, stroboscopic integrator, adjusting of an optical part of devices and many others. I can say that Ivan has an "experimental talent" to master complex equipment without any troubles.

Ivan tries to receive knowledge not only in Physics but also in many related areas. For example, he knows very well digital and radio-electronics. It is extremely useful for my group because we use a lot of specially made electronic equipment which sometimes requires repairing and modernization. Ivan is quite good in programming and computer science (he has even written a few chapters for one PC handbook). I should also say about a very high level of Ivan's English proficiency. He can easily read and write in English and he helps us to translate our reports and correspondence. It almost makes no difference for him to read articles in Russian or in English.

We appreciate Ivan's contributions in work of our laboratory very high. He is included now in coauthors of our new article "Isotope Effects in the Non-equilibrium Plasma-chemical Decomposition of Carbon Dioxide", which will be published in Journal "Sov. Phys. JETP" in 1993. Ivan is a modest, polite young man. He always performs his duties accurately and in time.

I am sure it would be very useful for Ivan to continue his education as a graduate student and I hope he will be accepted at your Institute.

Faithfully Yours,

Dr. Ivanov

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