Letter of Recommendation for  MIPT Alumnus (01/1999)
The Physics Student admitted to Berkeley, Caltech, Cornell


Letter of Recommendation


Applicant: Ivanov Ivan Ivanovich
Recommender: Dr. Petr P. Petrov

I am pleased to give my recommendation for Ivan Ivanov. I have known him since 1996 when he began to attend my lectures and seminars on the analysis of experimental data. This two-semester course involves use of complex mathematical formalism such as functional analysis and is generally hard to understand for the first time. Only in his second year of studies, Ivan has demonstrated an excellent knowledge of advanced mathematical methods and proved to have a good receptiveness. He gained a profound understanding of the subject and, moreover, studied independently one of the covered topics, wavelet analysis, in full.

After this course he showed an interest in the topic of research I am engaged in. Due to a good well-rounded education it was not difficult for Ivan to study a rather large amount of literature on this topic. Therefore, since May 1998 Ivan has taken part in the research of muonium formation in liquid helium. He is responsible for computer modeling and data processing of the results of experiments carried out at the muon factory of Paul Scherrer Institute by our collaborator E.P.Krasnoperov (Kurchatov Institute) et al. Currently Ivan is working on the simulations of charges motion in liquid helium under the influence of external field and his assistance is truly indispensable.

After reviewing our joint research activity I affirm that he has a high capacity for work and that his conclusions are very original. In scientific discussions Ivan reveals maturity, defends well his convictions, though he also pays an attention to my arguments. For instance, recently he proposed and applied very original solution to one of the problems, which had arisen in computer modeling of muonium formation.

Also a credit to Ivan are his ability to cooperate with colleagues and his responsibility, both of which are important for professional success. He is one of the best students whom I have worked with. I think that his achievements in physics are attributed not only to his aptitude but also to his perseverance and ambitions. He is active and thorough in research, always goal-oriented. I should also mention a very high level of Ivan's English proficiency.

Therefore, I evaluate Ivan Ivanov as a person with high potential to carry on an advanced study in the field of Physics and strongly recommend him for further education at the Physics department of …University.

Petr P. Petrov, D.Sc.                                                                                12/08/98

Associate Professor of Physics, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology
Senior scientist, Head of the Computing Department,
P.L.Kapitza Institute for Physical Problems RAS
Kosygina, 2, Moscow, 117334, Russia
Tel. 7(095)555-5555

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