Letter of Recommendation for  MIPT Alumnus (01/1999)
The Physics Student admitted to Berkeley, Caltech, Cornell

Applicant: Ivanov Ivan Ivanovich

Recommender: Dr. Alexander Ya. Parshin,
Corresponding member of Russian Academy of Sciences
Deputy director, P.L.Kapitza Institute for Physical Problems RAS
Kosygina, 2, Moscow, 117334, Russia
Tel. 7(095)555 5555

 I know Ivan Ivanov as a student of MIPT who has been following his research assistantship program at the Institute for Physical Problems since 1997. He participated in my colloquia on Experimental Low Temperature Physics for half a year and attended a course of lectures on Advanced Statistical Physics this year.

Considering our collaboration at the colloquia I should point out his excellent analytical thinking, strong mathematical skills and clarity of thoughts. His brilliant report on the contemporary problems in nuclear fusion has revealed his ability to grasp concepts that were unknown to him quickly and to explain them clearly. All these qualities helped him to succeed in the study of Advanced Statistical Physics and other theoretical courses. However, I have to mention that sometimes he is unsatisfied with himself and some lack of self-confidence arises from it. But I think this is not an obstacle to his development and, on the contrary, a kind of his motive power.

This spring Ivan became involved into research connected with the behavior of charges in liquid helium. The results of this work he has reported recently at the Low Temperature Physics section of MIPT Scientific Conference, being held at our Institute. He took an active part in subsequent discussions vividly expressing his thoughts at the top level.

I know Ivan as a teacher of physics at “Phystech-College” – a high school intended to help schoolboys in studying the sciences at high level. This position is highly competitive, as only a few students are allowed to work there along with professional tutors. Thus, his potential as a teacher is also rather high.

From our discussions concerning his plans I could conclude that Ivan has a strong motivation towards career in physics. He is able to carry out an independent research and definitely has a promise of professional success. Undoubtedly Ivan is one of the best students at his educational level I have ever known. His overall skills are similar to that of Sergey Dzhosuk who is now a graduate student at Harvard University. I strongly recommend Ivan Ivanov for graduate studies toward Ph.D. degree at your university.

Petr P. Petrov, D.Sc.                                                                                  12/04/98

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