Letter of Recommendation for  MIPT Alumnus (01/1999)
The Physics Student admitted to Berkeley, Caltech, Cornell

Applicant: Ivanov Ivan Ivanovich

I have been teaching physics for … years and have advised approximately … students. Also I have been a leader of the Ukrainian International Physics Olympiad team since the time of its formation. I have known Ivan Ivanov for 5 years, beginning with his outstanding participation in the Ukrainian Physics Olympiad in 1994. That year he was the only ninth grade student who was invited to the summer session of the Ukrainian IPhO team, which usually consists of the 11th grade students.

During the next two years he attended my classes on solving olympiad-type physics problems, which are more advanced than those of the high school level. At these classes Ivan demonstrated remarkable analytical skills and creativity, extraordinary for the person of his age. Due to these qualities and because of persistency in achieving his goals, Ivan was a two-time member of the Ukrainian IPhO team, which consists of 5 the most talented high school students in the Ukraine and successfully participated in IPhOs.

Familiar with his ability to explain complex physical concepts in simple words and constant desire to share his knowledge with others, I was not surprised by the fact that in the 11th grade Ivan arranged physics tutorials for the 9th grade students. Unusually for high school students, Ivan has become my colleague in work with talented high-school students and we collaborated for a year.

Solving many hard physical problems is necessary but not sufficient for future success in physics. During his last year of high school Ivan began a more thorough study of problems that were especially interesting to him, thus demonstrating understanding of what it takes to become a great physicist and exhibiting maturity for research. Under the guidance of my colleague he studied the behavior of solitons in nonlinear models of atomic lattices using computer simulations. He reported the results at several physics conferences.

I should add here that Ivan demonstrated surprising fluency in English during our stay at the IPhOs in Australia and Norway. He communicated easily with participants from other countries and made many friends. As I know he reads and writes in English very well.

Besides, I have discussed with Ivan his recent research at the Institute for Physical Problems and his studies at MIPT. My knowledge of Ivan as a hard working and highly motivated person has confirmed. I am confident that he will realize his huge potential and grow into a prominent physicist.

I have no doubt that Ivan is qualified to study at the graduate level successfully and highly recommend him for admission to…


Petr P. Petrov, D.Sc.                                                                       12/05/98

Professor, Head of the Theoretical Physics Division
Physics Department, Kiev National University
Leader of the Ukrainian IPhO team

Glushkov pr., 6, Kiev, Ukraine 252127

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