Letter of Recommendation for  MIPT Alumnus (01/1997)
The Physics Student admitted to NYSU Stony Brook, OSU, UMN

Recommender's name: Petr P. Petrov
Applicant's Name: Ivan I. Ivanov

I know Ivan Ivanov for more than 2 years. He works in my seminar on general physics. Under my guidance he performs the program of experimental training at the laboratory of the chair of general physics at Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT). Ivan's outstanding mental abilities and inclination to work in the realm of physical-mathematical science revealed very early . He was the member of the Ukrainian Team at International Physics Olympiad, Pekin, China. I think that physics for Ivan is not only rightly chosen field of applying his faculty but also deep passion. He never accepts superficial familiarization with phenomena , enjoys experimentalize , always proposes other original physical models, pays close attention to their contradictories.

Ivan's marks on physical-mathematical courses only excellent , he repeatedly won students physical Olympiads. Ivan is self-disciplined, he easily comes in contact with students and instructors. In scientific discussions Ivan revealed maturity along with power in defending his opinion, but he was also careful for opponent's arguments.

I can emphasize very unordinary Ivan's report with original description of the systems of quantum oscillators, that Ivan made by his own initiative.

To my mind, Ivan's potential and abilities are close to those of your graduate student XX who was the group mate of Ivan and entered Urbana last year.

I am sure that it would be very helpful for Ivan to continue his education at your University.

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