Letter of Recommendation for  MIPT Alumnus (01/1997)
The Physics Student admitted to Cornell

Applicant's name: Ivan Ivanov
Recommender's name: Petr P. Petrov

As a member of the Board of the USSR student Physics Olympiad I have known Ivan Ivanov since 1991, when he was in high school. His prominent knowledge of Physics revealed even then. Ivan won the First Diploma at the USSR olympiad in 1991 and in 1992 and got a special award for the best experimental score in 1992. He participated in the two International Physics Olympiad (IPhO) in Finland and in Williamsburg, VA and was awarded silver medals there.

Ivan entered Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology. Studying at the Institute is very hard but Ivan became one of the top students even here. He has got only highest grades on all subjects, thus his GPA is 4.0 so far. For such excellence in studies Ivan was awarded Lebedev Physical Institute and "Eximer" Fellowships. Both Fellowships are awarded to 2 students among the Faculty of some 80 students. He was also awarded Soros student grant. I believe that with his persistence and capacity Ivan will maintain
the way he started.

Every year a small group of students and MIPT professors conduct winter and summer sessions of the Russian IPhO team. The aim of the sessions is to select and to train the team of 5 students. Being the leader of the training teem I highly appreciate Ivan's activity. Of course, guidance and experience of those who themselves have got through both these sessions and the IPhO are extremely useful in our work. Students invent problems to solve, give seminars, laboratory classes and examine schoolboys' knowledge of physics. I highly appreciate Ivan's activity as a member of our group and hope that the time spent for the preparation of our team gave him an excellent teaching practice.

Working at MIPT for many years I can compare Ivan's abilities with those of other MIPT students. For the last 5 years I have been knowing several students like Ivan quite well. For example XX and XX (both are graduate students at Harvard now), XX and XX (they are graduate students at MIT), XX (now he is a graduate student at Yale), XX (he is a graduate student at Prinston), XX (he is a graduate student at Rochester). All of them participated in the USSR Physics Olympiad and IPhO brilliantly, and used to work as instructors in the sessions of the previous IPhO teams.

I think all of them (including Ivan Ivanov) belong to the top 2% of MIPT students. Those listed above are, of course, very different and everyone of them is unordinary person in his own way. Still they have one feature in common - it is their independent, maybe sometimes erratic way of study. Due to this feature their knowledge of physics is often far greater than it is required by Department of General Physics at MIPT. For example XX and XX were offered graduate admission by several U.S. universities while being in their second year of studies at MIPT.

I have no doubts that Ivan is able to study at the Graduate level successfully .

Dr. Petr P. Petrov
Professor of Physics,
Deputy Chairman of General Physics Chair,
Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology,
Leader of the Russian IPhO Team.

141700, Institutsky p.9, MIPT Dolgoprudny, Russia.
Tel.(Fax) (095)555-5555

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