Letter of Recommendation for  MIPT Alumnus (01/1997)
The Physics Student


I am writing to you on behalf of Ivan Ivanov. I have known Ivan Ivanov in February of 1992.He has been studying at Faculty of General and Applied Physics of Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology since September of 1992. I am a professor of mathematics and Ivan has attended my lectures and seminars throughout 1992-1994. So I feel quite capable of evaluating his mathematics abilities as well as comparing him with other students.

For years of his study at MIPT Ivan proved himself to be a talent student. While he was studying my course I was surprised of his remarkable abilities of learning and his extensive knowledge of mathematics . It is worth saying that Ivan Ivanov studies rather hard (he has only excellent marks in last four terms, in Russia-fives). Knowing MIPT for many years I may consider that as further indication that Ivan has indeed worked very hard . I think that his achievements in physics should be attributed not only to his talent in physics but also to his outstanding knowledge of mathematical sciences.

Thanks to his talent and persistence, I am sure that Ivan is one of my best students I have ever known. This opinion is based on my deep knowing that person. I strongly recommend the applicant for Doctoral Program in Physics because I am really sure that Ivan Ivanov is an outstanding candidate for Your graduate school. I think that his stay at Your University as a graduate student will be very useful for his scientific career and you will raise a good physicist.

Sincerely yours,

Petr P. Petrov
Professor of Mathematics ,
The Member of the American Science Society.
Department of Higher Mathematics
Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology.
Tel. (095) 555-5555

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