Letter of Recommendation for  MIPT Alumnus (01/1997)
The Physics Student


I am pleased to offer this letter of recommendation for Mr. Ivan Y. Ivanov to support his application. I got to know Ivan Ivanov in September 1994, when I began to give labs in general physics to his group. While studying my course Ivan revealed a very high level of experimental and theoretical skills. During our joint discussions on various problems in physics Ivan showed good knowledge of general physics and applied mathematics. Ivan posses a remarkable ability of grasping new ideas and putting them into plain words.

Since I was the supervisor of the laboratory work of the group , I can also evaluate his experimental skills . Ivan demonstrated very accurate performance of physical experiment. While preparing for laboratory works , Ivan often had to self-study and used a big amount of addition literature. I think that Ivan Ivanov shows a deep understanding of Physics because he has both an excellent ability to learn  subject very carefully and ,I believe, an outstanding ability of creating his own ideas and analyze difficult problems.

It is not a secret that while he was a schoolboy he was a repeated winner of physical and mathematical Olympiads such as Ukrainian Physics Olympiad ( the first place in 1990,1991, 1992,1993) ; International Tournament of Physics ( 1990 ); International Tournament of Mathematics ( the first place in 1989, the second place in 1990).

As recommender , I consider the applicant as gifted and promising student. Ivan Ivanov is comparable with my best students of previous years . I highly recommend him for a program leading to the PhD degree . I am sure that the applicant will successfully accomplish a program of graduate study. The transfer to Your University, I believe, would not be difficult for him. I think that study at Your University will be useful for Ivan Ivanov, and you will have good graduate student.

Sincerely yours,

Maria M. Petrova
Professor of Physics,
Department of General and Applied Physics,
Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology.

Tel. (095) 555-5555

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