Letter of Recommendation for  MIPT Alumnus (01/2000)
The Biophysics Student admitted to Caltech, MIT, Princeton

Letter of Recommendation for Irina I. Ivanova

It is with a great pleasure that I write this letter of recommendation for Ms. Irina Ivanova. I first met Irina in January 1999 when one of my colleagues recommended her for research work at my laboratory of Heart Electrophysiology at Cardiological Research Center of Russian Ministry of Health. The main problems of our research include electrophysiological aspects of spontaneous initiation of atrial flutter and fibrillation, which we investigate using microelectrode recordings, patch-clamp technique and electric mapping.

The first Irina’s tasks were to master the procedure of cell isolation and to make the existing patch-clamp device to work, since these facilities were out of use for some time but we really needed them for our experiments. That was rather time-taking task and required a lot of effort and persistence from Irina. First of all she had to study a rather large amount of literature on the subject and then use her knowledge in practice. I was pleased to see enthusiasm and insistence with which Irina managed this task. That was mostly due to her remarkable assiduity and great zeal that soon she was able to proceed with actual experiments. For the last five years our laboratory deals with refinement of new class III antiarrhythmic agent nibentan. Irina currently works on right ventricular cells using whole-cell patch-clamp configuration. The overall goal of Irina’s work is to characterize a role of nibentan on ionic channels in atrial and sinoatrial cells of rabbits and guinea-pigs. By now she already has some important data concerning effects of nibentan on potassium outward currents and in May 1999 she plan to defend the Diploma of Higher Education on this topic.

I would also like to mention here Irina’s ability to cooperate with colleagues and her responsibility, both of which are important for professional success. She is one of the best students whom I have worked with. I think that her achievements are attributed not only to her aptitude but also to her perseverance and ambitions. She is active and thorough in research, always goal-oriented.

I highly recommend Irina Ivanova for admission to Massachusetts Institute of Technology. It is my unconditional belief that Irina will realize her huge potential and grow into a prominent scientist.

Dr. Petr P. Petrov                                                                                              December 10, 1999
Professor, Member of Russian Academy of Sciences
and Russian Academy of Medical Sciences,
President of CIS-Section in the ISHR

Cardiological Research Center
Laboratory of Heart Electrophysiology
3rd Cherepovetskaya St., 15A,
Moscow, Russia 121552
Tel. 7(095) 555-5555
Fax 7(095) 555-5555
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