Letter of Recommendation for  MIPT Alumnus (01/2000)
The Biophysics Student admitted to Caltech, MIT, Princeton

Applicant: Irina I. Ivanova

I have been a Dean of Department of XX for more than twenty years and have been teaching physics for more than 30 years. I have known Irina Ivanova for almost six years, beginning with her admission to MIPT without entrance examinations due to her outstanding performances at Physics and Math Olympiads of different levels.

During all six years of Irina’s studying at MIPT I have close experience of her academic and scientific life. Irina has distinguished herself from other students with her persistence and enthusiasm in achieving her goals. She started work as a Research Assistant at Optics Laboratory when she was only a second year student. From that time she is constantly involved in research activities first in the field of Optics and now in the field of Biophysics.

Last year when Irina has changed her specialization to biophysics she started to attend extra-curriculum lectures and seminars on different topics in biophysics (such as Biophysics of Membrane Processes, Biochemical Physics, Physical aspects of Biological Processes) at MIPT as well as at Moscow State University.I must admit that now Irina possesses a unique combination of solid academic knowledge in physics, chemistry, biology and mathematical methods. During our discussions of scientific problems Irina revealed maturity, excellent analytical thinking and clarity of thought. She often proposed original ideas and made outstanding conclusions.

I would also like to mention here Irina’s ability to cooperate with colleagues and her responsibility, both of which are important for professional success. She is one of the best students whom I have worked with. I think that her achievements are attributed not only to her aptitude but also to her perseverance and ambitions. She is active and thorough in research, always goal-oriented.

In summary, Irina distinguished herself as an individual who exhibits an organized, scientific approach to research, and with a high degree of motivation, innovation and initiative, can accomplish her goals. Therefore, I evaluate Irina Ivanova as a person with high potential to carry out an advanced study in the field of biophysics and strongly recommend her for further education at Biophysics Department of Your University.

Dr. Petr P. Petrov                                                                                           December 11,1999
Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology
Institutsky per. 9, Dolgoprudny
Moscow Region, Russia 141700
Tel. 7(095)555-5555


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