Letter of Recommendation for  MIPT Alumnus (01/2000)
The Physics Student admitted to Berkeley, Cornell, Caltech

Applicant: Ivanov Ivan
Recommender: Prof. Petr P. Petrov

I am pleased to give my recommendations for Ivan Ivanov. I am the head of the laboratory of superconductivity in the Institute of Solid State Physics (ISSP) RAS. Ivan has worked under my guidance as a part-time research assistant for the last year, therefore I know him rather well to evaluate his talents.

When I introduced Ivan in the field of Josephson junctions, SNS and SFS contacts I am dealing with, he demonstrated extensive academic background, ability to grasp new difficult concepts quickly and express them in simple words. In our discussions Ivan showed maturity along with power in defending his opinion, but he was also careful for my arguments. His intelligence and urgent zeal for knowledge enabled him to gain profound understanding of the subject and join our research.

Facilities in the laboratory are modern complex devices. I was surprised when Ivan has learnt in short time how to handle with them, that means operating with cryostats and insertions, SQUID devices and LOCK-IN amplifier, current sources, voltmeters and many others. He has also learnt data handling on a computer using program Origin 4.1

In conducting of experiments and data processing Ivan is active and goal-oriented, he reveals diligence and accuracy along with satisfaction of his work. He has obtained valuable experience with handling of present-day equipment and has learnt very much about work of physicist-researcher. Ivan has already made remarkable contribution in our research. He independently has mounted several samples (CuNi thin films) on the cryogenic dipstick and made some measurements. Data, he has obtained, related -phase state in Josephson -junction will be reported soon.

I must mention Ivan's proficiency in English. All materials I gave him to study (articles from different scientific journals, proceedings of conferences etc.) were written in English. He has no difficulties with understanding such papers. Also he easily communicated with guests from other countries, demonstrating his abilities in spoken English.

Seeing his serious yearning for further education, persistence and striving for purposes I think that he will realize his huge potential and inevitably obtain excellent results in his future scientific career. I also believe that it will be very beneficial for both your university and Ivan to continue his education in your graduate program. Thus I strongly recommend him for admission.

Sincerely yours,

Prof. Petr P. Petrov, Dr. Sc.
Head of the laboratory of superconductivity,
Institute of Solid State Physics,
Russian Academy of Science,
Chernogolovka, Moscow district,
142432, Russia                                                                                                                 12/05/99

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