Letter of Recommendation for  MIPT Alumnus (01/2000)
The Physics Student admitted to Boston University, Rutgers, PennState

Letter of Recommendation

Applicant:       Irina I. Ivanova

I have been a Dean of Department of XX for more than twenty years and have been teaching physics for more than thirty years. I have known Irina Ivanova for almost six years, beginning with her brilliant entrance examinations in spring 1994. Our Department has the highest admission standards and we often have as many as 10 well-qualified high-school graduates competing for each admission spot. Unfortunately the department consists of mostly male students (we happen to admit only about 3% of women). So I believe that Irina deserves high respect for her hard will and perseverance. As someone who has worked at MIPT for more than thirty years I can well estimate Irina’s potential and level and compare her abilities to those of other MIPT students and would say she belongs to the top10% MIPT students I have ever taught.

I have been Irina’s teacher in General Physics during her first year of studies. Irina has distinguished herself from other students with her diligence, persistence and ability to work independently. I should also mention her easiness in communication with colleagues, readiness to help and capability to clearly explain her ideas. I have been the head of examination committee during both her General Physics and Theoretical Physics Qualification examinations. Those two exams are the two toughest exams at MIPT since the committee has a chance to test a student's knowledge in all areas of General and Theoretical Physics. I must admit she has solid academic knowledge in both subjects and I enjoyed her brilliant answers.

I am one of the heads of MIPT Correspondence School where Irina has worked as a teaching assistant. I can point to her excellent work as a teacher. Now she is continuing to work as a teacher at MIPT Phys. Tech. College, an MIPT organization that gives high-school students additional education. She handles her task very well, takes her teaching responsibilities very seriously, but what is even more important - she truly enjoys teaching.

Therefore I believe that Irina possesses an excellent basis for further success in graduate studies at MIT and highly recommend her for admission


Prof. Petr P. Petrov                                                                             December 17, 1999

Dean of the Department of XX,
Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology
Institutsky 9, Dolgoprudny
141700 Russia

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