Letter of Recommendation for  MIPT Alumnus (01/2002)
The Physics Student admitted to Harvard

Prof. Petr P. Petrov
Dean of the Department of XX
Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology
Institutsky per. 9, Dolgoprudny
Moscow Region, Russia 141700
Tel. 7(095) 555-5555



Letter of Recommendation                                                                  November 16, 2001

Applicant: Ivan Ivanov

I have been the Dean of the XX (XX) at Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT) for more than fifteen years and have been teaching physics for more than thirty years. I have known Ivan Ivanov for about four years and a half since his successful admission to our department. He was admitted without entrance exams due to his exceptional performance at the entrance interview and his winning a gold medal at the International Physics Olympiad in Iceland, 1998.

I have been communicating with him on different subjects during all this time. Ivan indeed became one of the best students at our institute. To prove the fact I can mention his outstanding results in MIPT students Physics Olympiads. Though studying at our University is hard enough, his GPA is 4.0. Being the Head of the State Examination Board at 3rd year studentsí Final Exam on General Physics, I highly appreciated Ivanís prominent knowledge of the subject.

After completion of this Exam every student can apply to Landau Institute for advanced study of Theoretical Physics. To enter this Institute one should pass Landau Theoretical Minimum exam in Quantum Mechanics, based on Landau Theoretical Physics course. Only few students are capable of this, and Ivan was one of them. He passed all necessary exams half a year prior to deadline, and began to attend lectures on Quantum Field Theory and Nonlinear Hydrodynamics, being a third-year student. Recently I discussed Ivanís progress with head of his department and my perception of Ivan as a hardworking and highly motivated person has confirmed.

Teaching experience is very important for future scientist, and Ivan has an extensive teaching practice. I know him to be a member of the group that trains Russian International Physics Olympiad Team and a member of the Board of Russian Physics Olympiads at different levels.            

During all these years I have watched Ivanís personal growth and development, and I know the tremendous focus he has upon his studies and research. It is my firm belief that his maturity, initiative, and self-reliance will only lead to success in Graduate school, and that his strength of character will lead to an outstanding contribution to humanity as physicist. I am sure Ivan belongs to the top 2% of  MIPT students.

I enthusiastically recommend Ivan Ivanov for admission to your University.

Sincerely yours,

Petr P. Petrov

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