Letter of Recommendation for  MIPT Alumnus (01/2001)
The Physics Student admitted to Univ. of Maryland, College Park


Applicant: Ivan Ivanov
Recommender: Prof. Petr P. Petrov

          I am pleased to give my recommendation for Ivan Ivanov. I am the head of the laboratory of  XX of the Institute of Radio Engineering and Electronics (IRE) RAS. I have known Ivan for a year and a half since 1999 when he began to attend my lectures on XX. During the course he showed strong capability to grasp new material quickly and great background on the subject. He became interested in our research and joined our group a year ago.

          Soon he started his first research project in our laboratory. Our goal was to analyze the ability of lattices of coupled chaotic maps to perform computations and to develop a computer simulation of a simple chaotic processor. Ivan had to study a lot of literature and a number of publications on chaos based computations, information theory and self-organized criticality. Here I should notice a very high level of his English proficiency, since papers he has read were mainly original publications from Phys. Rev., Phys. Rev. Letters and he had no problem reading them. Soon a program was constructed.

          This year Ivan became involved in a project on Chaotic Map based Associative and Random Access Memory being held by our group. He is responsible for the construction of the map and now for this purpose he is developing a special research computer program.  From our collaboration I concluded that Ivan entirely devotes himself to work and due to all-round education his mind is opened for any task I set. It deserves mentioning that he always takes an active part in scientific discussions, demonstrating maturity, strong ability to defend his ideas while paying careful attention to opponent’s remarks. He is also a very sociable person and easily finds common language with people.

          As for his experimental abilities, Ivan is accurate and attentive, and always well prepared theoretically. He has a solid experience in dealing with common equipment as well as high comprehension of new complex devices. He is now taking the special laboratory course on simulation of nonlinear dynamical systems using digital signal processors and his instructor is fully satisfied with his performance.

          In summary, Ivan proved himself as an active and goal-oriented person. Evidently, his scientific attainments are gained not only with his aptitude but also with thirst for knowledge, perseverance and ambitions.

          I highly recommend Ivan Ivanov for admission to your university.

Petr P. Petrov, D.Sc., Professor,                                                                      12/14/2000
Head of the laboratory
of  XX,
Institute of Radio Engineering and Electronics RAS,
Mohovaya, 11, 103907, Russia

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