Letter of Recommendation for  MIPT Alumnus (01/2003)
The Physics Student admitted to MIT, Princeton, UC Berkeley, Stanford

Dr. Petr P. Petrov,
Professor of Physics,
Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology,
9 Institutsky per, Dolgoprudny, 141700, Russia
Phone/fax: 7-095-408-00-00

for Ivan Ivanov

As a member of the Board of the Russian school Physics Olympiad I have known Ivan Ivanov since XX, when he was in high school. His prominent knowledge of Physics revealed even then. He became a winner of the Russian school physics olympiad three times in a raw that allowed him to become one of the 16 candidates to, and later one of the members of the Russian team on the Xth IPhO in Country X, where he was awarded Gold Medal and a Special Prize for the best solution of a theoretical problem.

Among other winners of the Russian Olympiad Ivan took part in winter (two weeks) and summer (a month) sessions of candidates to the team in XX. The sessions included advanced lectures on physics. Seminars devoted to theoretical problems and intensive laboratory courses were alternated with frequent rounds of problem solving contests designed to reduce the number of candidates from 16 to 5. Even though initially he had been placed 14th in our unofficial rating, his perseverance, purposefulness and diligence enabled him to enter the final membership of Russian team. During the time of sessions Ivan showed ability of quick perception of new ideas and using them in future, high intelligence and capacity for work.

When Ivan entered MIPT, he continued working hard. During his studies Ivan has been the best among all MIPT students of his age. Being in his second year, he became the absolute winner of Physics and Mathematics Olympiads among all undergraduates of MIPT. He was awarded Landau Institute fellowship, ITEP fellowship (awarded to 2 students among 80) and Lenin grant, which is awarded to one student out of 500. I believe that with his persistence and capacity Ivan will maintain the way he started.

There is an established tradition that students who have won the IPhO in previous years work as instructors in the sessions of the succeeding IPhO teams. Ivan Ivanov is one of such students. Being the leader of the training team I highly appreciate Ivan's activity. Students invent problems to solve, give seminars, laboratory classes and examine schoolboys' knowledge of physics. Ivan demonstrated brilliant mental abilities and theoretical skills, so we decided to try him as a member of the Board of Russian PhO in XX. I was impressed by his performance, so Ivan was invited to the Board permanently. He is one of a few students who is a permanent Jury member of such a high-level olympiad. I have no doubts that this activity gave him an excellent teaching practice. I would also like to notice that Ivan has perfect collaboration skills. It was a great pleasure for me to work with him.

Working at MIPT for many years I can compare Ivan's abilities with those of other MIPT students. For the last 10 years I have known only several students like Ivan quite well. For example, XX and XX (both are graduate students at Harvard now), XX and XX (they are graduate students at MIT), XX (now he is a graduate student at Cornell), XX and XX ( they are graduate students at Princeton), XX (he is a graduate student at University of California at Berkeley).

In sum, I am confident that Ivan is the best among approximately 500 MIPT students of his year. He has outstanding potential and motivation to succeed in a career as a physicist. He is diligent, bright-minded and trust-worthy in every way. I'm deeply convinced that students displaying such talents as Ivanís, are able to study at graduate level successfully. Thus I enthusiastically recommend Ivan Ivanov for further education at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Sincerely yours,
Petr P. Petrov  11/14/02


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