Letter of Recommendation for  Russian Student (01/2003)
The Chemistry Student admitted to Florida State University, Auburn University


Dear Sir or Madam,

I am pleased to introduce Ivan I. Ivanov to you. I know that he is particularly interested in the graduate program in Chemistry at Florida State University so I will try to characterize him in details.

Ivan worked in my research laboratory for about 2 years, since XX. During our research work he evolved as a creative, assertive, and intelligent personality who has shown himself a goal-oriented and hardworking student with an adequate response to the most challenging tasks in very complicated Russian conditions. Our research work concerned a non-stoichiometry as a part of my Course “XX”. Under my supervision he did a research term paper entitled “XX” in which he considered medical and geological applications of luminophors that he synthesized. Ivan is really imaginative and innovative person. His investigations I can summarize as efficient and significant. In February 2001, he presented a paper at the General Chemistry Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences student conference and showed exceptional oratorical abilities.

Ivan is a good team-worker and bears his duties with high willingness to accept responsibility. He is always enthusiastic about explaining difficult matters to his fellow-students. In my opinion, Ivan would be a good instructor for undergraduate courses. He also possesses a comprehensive and advanced personality and is able to achieve desired goals. I certainly should mention a very high level of Ivan's English proficiency and the fact that he is among the best students in his class.

Due to the economical situation in Russia nowadays, adequate financing for institutions of the Russian Academy of Sciences and a science on the whole is quite unstable. In existing conditions it is rather hard for our students to reveal entirely all their talents and potentials. Therefore, I fully agree with Ivan’s decision to apply to graduate school in the USA. I am convinced that his capability of independent creativity and hard learning will make his future studying successful and scientific activities effective.

Dr. Petr P. Petrov, D.Sc.                       11/30/2002

Assistant professor, Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology
XX Department
XX Street, Moscow, Russia 111111
Phone: 7 (095) 111-1111


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