Letter of Recommendation for  MIPT Alumnus (01/2003)
The Math/CS Student admitted to NYU, UC Berkeley

Letter of Recommendation                                     Applicant: Ivan Ivanov

I have known Ivan Ivanov since ... and I am writing this letter to give him my highest recommendations (or truly pleased to give him my recommendations ) . As Ivan's research supervisor I often had an opportunity to observe his unusual abilities, creativity, capacity for deep analytical thinking and amazing mathematic intuition.

It was not accident that Ivan became my research student. I was the head of the Jury of The Department of Mathematics at MIPT Scientific Conference, where I noticed high level of his research work in the field of Convex Analysis and it was agenda for Ivanís future research. I also was in the Jury of student Olympiad, where he showed exceptionally high for his age results, and I was the head of the State Examination Board at Ivanís Final Exam on Mathematics, where he has shown prominent knowledge of the subject and his answers was highly appreciated by the Board.

I was very pleased that he had chosen me as a research supervisor for his BS dissertation. In his research work Ivan is active and goal-oriented; he reveals diligence and accuracy along with satisfaction by his work. His first work under my guidance was his bachelor thesis in the field of XX which included investigation of properties of such mappings including conditions under which they are Riemann integrable and support functions of convex compacts. Here I should emphasize that this branch of mathematics has attracted exceptional research attention in the two recent decades, and one has to possess great mathematical erudition to work here. Ivan shows distinguished capacity of learning new concepts and high level of knowledge in XX. He has not only coped with highly complex and somewhat erratic material, but also found some important classes of sets of attainability using this theory. For example, he thoroughly investigated some applied problems from theoretical mechanics that involve integration of XX.

The work was highly appreciated by the Diploma Committee and Ivan was awarded BS degree with Honors. Currently Ivan is successfully working on his master thesis project in the field of XX, which is the development of our previous investigation. To get necessary knowledge in optimal control Ivan attends lections in Moscow State University at the Department of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics.

I am sure that Ivan will become an excellent researcher and will produce serious work of international quality. His outstanding mathematical abilities place him in the very top 5% of MIPT students. Considering his achievements, I highly recommend him for the graduate study at your University.


Prof. Petr P. Petrov

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